-- Public source material --

This is where I dump some of the Non-sensitive sources used durring the research phase. If you doubt my theories this information should clear things up.

-- The Ghost Herd --

Great two part article about the mighty beast!

Study of inbreeding between mamals. Was lucky to find this study since it was about a Moose herd.

Great read about photos that were kept secret for years to protect the herd.

Moose hybrids!!!!!!

-- Matt Groening time travler --

This is all you really need to know.

-- White Horse Prophecy --

Working for the good of the party despite diffrences with Trump.

Still outspoken.

BYU questions source of Prophecy.

Churches official take on the prophecy

-- NRO Telescopes --

A history of the NRO satelite program

NRO and Rochester NY a love story

NRO Space Telescope family tree

Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Phobos I&II both "Lost contact" after completing official missions.

-- Amazons drones --

CBC article about Canadian test facility

Forbes article on Amazon airs hiring process

Forbes/operation "dragon boat"

Boeing Nuke engine

Amazon drone patents (A MUST READ!)

Seattles corruption from the source

Project Pluto

Secret Washington test site

Area 51 of the drone world

-- Monsanto --

Bayer as corrupt as Monsanto

Alien code hidden in DNA?

Reagan kills the family farm

Evolutionary Aspects of Human Endogenous Retroviral Sequences (HERVs) and Disease

Why Gene Editing Is the Next Food Revolution

How To Genetically Modify a Seed, Step By Step

How to Make a GMO (Harvard)

Former CEO Hugh Grant promises innovation in agriculture and disparate corporate cultures

Bayer buys Monsanto


-- Art is a sham --

CIA's abstract art collection

operation long leash

Modern art was a CIA 'weapon'

Case Study on Fair Use and Fair Dealing: The Hope Poster Litigation


Advancing American Art