Courtney Love

Is Courtney Love a biproduct of MKUltra programming?


Mud Flood part I

Are there clues to lost technology in the buildings that surround us?

Mud Flood part II

The conclusion to part one. Featuring the story of Mason tech in the Americas.

The Ghost Herd

A herd of Canadian Moose were introduced to New Zealand in 1900 and many believe they are still there.

Matt groening time travler

Cartoon behemoth the Simpsons has consistently made episodes that come true years later in real life. Raising the question is show founder Matt Groening a time travler?

The White Horse Prophecy

Utah senator and former presidential candidate is caught up in a religious cults schemes for world domination.

Eyes in the sky

Secret spy agency "donates" futuristic space telescopes to NASA.

Modern art is a sham

Since the end of WWII the CIA has used artists like Andy Warhol and Shepard Fairey as pawns in their schemes to control the masses.

Monsanto and the legacy code

Did scientists at this controversial Genetic manipulation company discover that humans are an off world science experiment?

Amazons covert drone program

Questions about a banana booth lead to the illumination of Amazons massive covert drone program and its future military application.