-- About Truthfog.com --

Alternate news and conspiracy theory is currently under siege. Political forces have used their influence and financial interests to steer conversational discord toward distraction. Observation of DARPA, UFO's and crypto science have given way to manufactured hate, and science denying fueled by political nonsense. Truth Fog is published to counteract these forces and raise awareness of the very real conspiracy's coming to fruition around us. The powers above have created an environment of exploitation to deter you from their shady policies. We now live in a world of spectacle and distraction. Truthfog is committed to keeping the dream of truth, fact and, pre-poisoned conspiracy theory alive.

-- A word from Arthur B. Alexi founder of Truthfog.com --

"Truth Fog is my own creation no one else aided or influenced me. The site exists to save information in preparation for when the black helicopters swarm and the international powers round up the few of us who truly seek truth and enlightenment. Our financial overlords have actively and very effectively, distracted and divided us with talking points and social engineering. This website is not only a platform for me to reveal ignored facts, but to reclaim a culture that was getting close to the truth until it was infiltrated by international actors who diluted our research with the help of popular media to make us out to be crazy and violent. This website is an attempt to preserve possibly true ideas, facts and concerns the "new media" have perverted as distraction so they can keep their covert operations unwatched. A working class divided by nonsense is profitable to those who have never themselves worked for anything.

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If you have any questions or information please email arthur@truthfog.com