-- Mud Flood part II --

The Mormon religion has a belief that a lost Jewish tribe sailed by submersible barges to the Americas from Israel and established colonies in the new world long before the Europeans felt it necessary to invade. This concept falls in line with the mud flood theory of the Pompeiian, Masonic technology progression. The book of Mormon speaks of the missing colony breaking into two factions (Nephites and Lamanites) the Nephites erected large, advanced, cities throughout the Americas. While the Lamanites learned to live off the land and be at one with the earth. The Nephites would slowly become more and more corrupt eventually turning their back on god. The Nephites waged war on the Lamanites who finally rose up and destroyed the other Mormon civilization. If you look at this dogmatic story from a Mud Flood history it becomes clear that Perhaps the Lamanites saw what the other Mormons were doing and tried to stop it before yet another disaster took place. Sadly the Lamanites victory could only last so long. Despite eliminating the first signs of the Tartary/Mason influence in the new world they would ultimately fail.

If we take the Mormon timeline at face value it is possible to see that the acclimations of the first Pompeian's in the "New World" were thwarted by a sub class of their own that hadn't forgotten the destruction and ruin that their ancestors started in Europe. The Laminitis gave up what comfort they had to stop a disaster like Pompeii from happening in the new world. The Lamanite upheaval against the Nephites was a success at stopping whatever twisted designs their cousins were perusing until Many years later when the Tartary Europeans stumbled upon the Americas and found out that not only had their people already gotten to the new world but, there had been a deviation from Masonic ambitions. Once reports from the Mason explorers came back to the old world that there was not only a new land to conqueror but that in this new world a group of Tartary had established a civilization and been betrayed by a segment of their own. The old world utilized all of their European puppet sates to stop the Lamanite upstarts. In response the European Masons created an armada of conquistadors to put down the insurrection. What the first European Masons found when they arrived in the new world was the North American descendants of a lost Jewish tribe thriving within the laws of nature and keeping their independent nation states living within the abundance that the new world had given them. This new way of living was something that the Masonic Europeans could not understand and ultimately would stamp out through force.

Two of the biggest pieces of North American evidence of the European victory can be found in Mexico City where the Masons tore down the largest Aztec Pyramid and converted its stones into a classic Catholic Church. Another example is the United States whose capitol city was built on top of what appeared to be an uninhabitable swamp.

A young nation normally would have picked an ideal and strategic plot of land in which to build their capitol. Instead the new nation's masonic founders built on top of what appeared at the time to be a useless swamp. What history has left out is that D.C. is built on an old Nephite city. One that probably through Masonic experiments was destroyed, flooded, and abandoned. The new Masons were likely ignorant of the Nephite technologies that built the foundations that were already there. But these new Tartary invaders understood a similiar technology. So they couldn't rebuild the old buildings but, they could drain the water from the swamp and raise the foundations and salvage what was left of the old buildings and build on top of them. Being detached from the Nephites technology it was easier to recreate old Roman buildings on top of foundations that were abandoned by those who designed and built those storied buildings in the first place. It might have also been important for the European Masons to show that they had fully defeated the upstart Lamanites who dared to go against the Pompeiian plan by erecting their new capitol on an old sunken Nephite city. History shows the winner isn't always right but they usually live to tell the tale.

As far as the new world Tartarian long term agenda goes. The history of the United States looks like a clear cut route to an end game. Once the Lamanite upstarts were defeated the nation began to flood with Masons from all over the globe. The "melting pot" philosophy of America a land with infinite resources would be an ideal location to start the Pompeiian experiment anew and consolidate power in one manageable place. Once established through agencies like NATO and the UN they could establish a single world government. Freeing them up to fund, supply and, continue the plans they began thousands of years before without oversite or resistance.

Architecturally you can see the evidence of this time line not just in North America but throughout most of the old world as well. Once you are aware of it you'll be amazed at how plain it is. Walk through the oldest parts of almost any city and you'll notice buildings that seem half complete, Windows at street level for no reason, and what were once traditional pillars coming out of the ground leading to a much more modern building atop. Mud flood theory is very large and unlike most alternate history theories it seems to apply to almost every event in recorded human history in one way or another. There are large volumes written about the history of the Masonic order and their continued efforts to consolidate power across the globe.

What can't be fully known is what exactly those early Pompeian's were trying to do before things went south and they had to flee to Tartaria? There might be some revealing bread crumbs in recent history though. Large covert military operations such as, the Manhattan Project, Philadelphia experiment, The Apollo program and HARP, may all be descendant of whatever research the Tartarians who fled Rome were working on. By extrapolating these clues we might be able to reason that they have been trying to play god by controlling not just the weather but the earth's ecosystem as a whole. Almost every religion and ancient culture has stories of god or man using the environment to punish enemies or civilizations into capitulation.

I will use one such story to highlight this line of thinking and wrap up this article. In the Pacific Northwest the people of the Salish Sea have a story about a tribe that became gluttonous and over fished their river to the point that they killed salmon (a staple food) for sport and left the corpses to rot on the rivers banks. As the story goe3s the Orca conspired with the other sea creatures to teach the humans a lesson. They worked together to move rocks, drift wood, and mud to create a mighty damn where the river met the Sea. When the fall came the salmon were blocked from going upstream and the tribe began to starve. Eventually the people from the tribe who hadn't yet starved to death became desperate and through prayer apologized to the Great Spirit and swore that they would never again take more than that which they needed. Their prayers were heard by the thunderbird who, came out of the sky using lighting to burn the wood and thunder to shake the dam apart freeing the salmon to swim upstream. The tribe was saved and never again took more from the earth than that which they needed. If you take this story apart through the lens of the Nephite and Laminate struggle it is easy to see that the tribe described in the legend was likely Nephites who got out of hand and the Lamanites had to punish by using their tech to shake the earth creating the dam and once the Nephite tribe complied the Lamanites used their advanced electrical tech to undo the catastrophe they set upon their adversary. The Lamanites probably used similar strategies across the Americas until they had every tribe in line with their philosophy. Once the plan was complete the old tech would seem useless and it would make sense to destroy the devices that made there scam possible. At that point they likely believed they were the last on earth to have early Tartarian tech and with all the shadows of their past destroyed they could live peacefully in the new world they made.

This story owes a large debt to Tim Ozmans wonderful book "Mud Flood 101". I encourage you to seek it out and give it a read.

-- Arthur B. Alexi